bbe A Norbertine Community santa María de la Vid Y



Through the presence we share in this place may we come to know the peace and joy of seeking wisdom side by side.

The animating vision for the Norbertine library is expressed in the dedicatory phrase, “That All May Be One.”  The Norbertine Library is open to the public as a space in which a shared search for Wisdom by persons of different faiths and traditions can be pursued in peace.


The library is complemented by the Hermitage Retreat.  Both are located at the Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey on seventy acres of land on the southwest mesa.  The Abbey overlooks the city of Albuquerque and the Sandia and Manzano mountains.  Memorable sunrises and sunsets are a regular experience.

The Norbertine Library and Hermitage Retreat offer a quiet setting for an experience of being away and removed from distraction, with ample space to appreciate the beauty of the desert southwest.


Visitors are welcome to use the Library, the Church, and the Retreat Center grounds for a quiet morning or afternoon of study and reading as well as meditation and prayer.


Students, scholars, retreatants, and guests, and all persons searching for resources to support their spiritual journey are welcome at The Norbertine Library.





The Norbertine Library is a theological resource for the entire community.  The Norbertine Library, currently with roughly 15,000 volumes, and growing, encompasses resources in the following areas of ecumenical/interfaith study:


● sacred scripture

● theology, particularly pastoral theology and liturgy

● spirituality and prayer

● liturgical, homiletic, and sacramental resources

● church history


Minor concentrations include:


● psychology

● philosophy

● autobiography and biography

● southwest and local culture and history

● literature and poetry


Included in the collection are over 30 periodicals on topics of theological, spiritual and general interest.  Back issues of many periodicals are also available for research.


The reference collection contains numerous scripture commentaries, biblical dictionaries, various translations of the Bible, as well as encyclopedias of Religion, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam.

Note:  This slide show was produced prior to our community being elevated to an Abbey.  It makes reference to the Norbertine Priory.

Library Collection Library Facilities

The Norbertine Library

In addition to the extensive collection of books and resource held within the library, certain facilities are available for use by individuals and groups for spiritual direction, conferences, classes and workshops.


The Norbertine Library has three spiritual direction rooms. These spaces are available for use to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for use by spiritual directors or counselors. They also provide a quiet place for private prayer or study. Rooms look out onto the Garden of Peace.


The Norbertine Library Seminar Room is a multi-purpose room for use for conferences, workshops, classes and seminars. It is equipped with digital visual and audio equipment.



Spirit of Living Wisdom,
give us the grace to desire what is most pleasing to you,
to search for it wisely,
to know it truly,
to accomplish it faithfully,
so that all may be One in loving you.
(Inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas)






Evenings, Saturdays and Sundays:

by appointment.

Call 505.873.4399.








There is no cost to borrow books from the library; however, a contribution to help defray the cost of your library card and for library upkeep is always welcome. We also welcome donations of books in good condition that fit the focus of our collection. Please contact Meg Aschcroft at 505.873.4399 ext. 204 or MAshcroft@norbertinecommunity.org

Library Hours and Donations