Our Oblates bbe A Norbertine Community santa María de la Vid Y



The Norbertine Oblates of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey in Albuquerque, New Mexico have an individual and long-term relationship to the Norbertine Community based on a covenant of friendship.  This relationship is developed through many years of service to and affiliation with the solemnly-professed members of the Abbey.  This unique relationship is then formalized through a five-year structured process of formation with promises at each step.  Each Oblate studies the life of St. Norbert, the Rule of Augustine, the Constitutions of the Order, and other relevant material, and she or he also has responsibilities within the community.  The Norbertine Oblates embrace the Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey Mission Statement and participate in Community meetings and celebrations.  Each Oblate is challenged to balance both a communal and a private life, a strong commitment to ministry and to contemplative prayer, and a ready willingness to live out life in the spirit of St. Norbert in the contemporary world.