Our Charism bbe A Norbertine Community santa María de la Vid Y



Our Spirituality, or Charism (meaning a gift from the Holy Spirit), is founded on the principles and life of the early Christians, the vita apostolica. Our way of life, or communio, is a unique expression in the fabric of Christian spirituality. We live a life of continual conversion through self donation, communal life, contemplation and compassionate service within a stable communal context of shared resources. We live and shepherd this Gift of the Spirit for the edification, renewal and salvation of ourselves, the Church and the world to live in unity as we journey to God.


The Dream of Prémontré:

Norbertine religious vowed to a lifetime of worship in all we do, gathering around us a communion of the baptized.



 ﷯ur primary goal as Norbertines is to grow in holiness, in relationship to God and to one another. This, for us, is achieved through continuous conversion of our ways toward Christ in the context of community living as brothers on a journey of mutual edification and salvation. Apostolic ministry is a crucial aspect of our life, however it is an outgrowth of the life we share together. Our identity is focused on the life we live, the men with whom we live it and the place (larger church) in which we live. This is a life that has as its central focus liturgical prayer as expressed in the sung divine office and especially the Eucharist. We are a religious community that knows that it is inwardly rooted in Christ and outwardly sent to serve others.
  • Vision Statement of the Order of Premontre


    Drawn by our merciful and Triune God, We are called as baptized to follow the poor and risen Christ in a radical and apostolic way of life according to the Gospel, the Rule of St. Augustine and the charism of St. Norbert, founder of our Premonstratensian order.


    Our way of life is marked by a lifelong seeking after God through fraternal community, a never-ending conversion by giving ourselves to the Church of our profession in communion with the self-emptying of Christ, in imitation of Mary pondering God’s Word, and in ceaseless prayer and service at the altar.


    From the choir and altar we go to serve the human family in a spirit of simplicity, hospitality, reconciliation and peace for the benefit of the Church and the world, especially where Christ is found among the poor, the suffering and among those who do not know him.


    We pray that what God’s spirit has begun in us may be made perfect in the day of Christ Jesus.



  • Trado me Ipsum
    I Offer and GIve MYself... Our spirituality grows from the vows we take. "I brother N, offer and give myself to the Church of N, and I promise a conversion of my ways and life in community, especially in poverty, consecrated celibacy and obedience, according to the rule of St. Augustine and the Constitutions of the Order of Premontre; I promise this before N, the prelate of this canonry and before this community." Self donation is central to our communal spirituality. We give ourselves to Christ by giving all of who we are, what we know and are able to do to the Body of Christ in our local Church and community.
  • Vita Communis
Community: Life in Common
Our way of life as Norbertines is realized in a life in community that is built on sharing and participation. We share our life with one another in:
Prayer and Work
Liturgy and Service to the World
Contemplation and Action
Reflection and Commitment Sharing our life together, all that we do should contribute not only to our own journey of faith but to that of our community. We live with and for each other. It is through a common life in community that we strive to "live in unity and to be of one mind and one heart on the way to God" (Rule of St. Augustine)
  • Contemplare et Contemplata aliis Tradere
Contemplation: To Contemplate and Share the Fruits of Contemplation Our communal spirituality is reflected in a:
~Life-long search for God
~Constant conversion of life and self-emptying to Christ (Kenosis)
~contemplation of the word of God, like the Virgin Mary
~Life-long liturgical prayer (choral office) and service at the altar (celebration of the Eucharist)
~As contemplatives in action, we enter into silence and contemplation to then share the fruits of contemplation to edify one another, the Church and the human family on our journey of faith. Our spirituality has a central focus on the Eucharist (St. Norbert is known as the Apostle of the Blessed Sacrament). Pope John Paul II expresses how this "source and summit" of our life as Roman Catholics manifests our contemplation into compassionate service in his Apostolic Letter Mane Nobiscum Domine. He states: "Each Mass, even when celebrated in obscurity or in isolation, always has a universal character. The Christian who takes part in the Eucharist learns to become a promoter of communion, peace and solidarity in every situation (27)" "It is not by chance that the Gospel of John contains no account of the institution of the Eucharist, but instead relates the “washing of feet” (cf. Jn 13:1-20): by bending down to wash the feet of his disciples, Jesus explains the meaning of the Eucharist unequivocally. Saint Paul vigorously reaffirms the impropriety of a Eucharistic celebration lacking charity expressed by practical sharing with the poor (cf.1Cor 11:17-22, 27-34) (28)." It should be of no surprise that during his own lifetime St. Norbert was called the Disciple of Peace and Concord.
  • Docere Verbo et Exemplo
Compassionate Service: To Teach by Word and Example Complementing and building upon this unfolding of the contemplative side of our religious life are four areas of action and ministry: ~Our service of building up the community and the Church
~Our service of reconciliation and peace
~Our service of the poor and suffering
~Our service of those who do not yet know God In all we do, we strive to both show forth the love of God to one another and as a community to all whom we serve. We remain open and humble to learning from one another, to both evangelize and be evangelized by all whom we encounter. Our charism fosters a dedication to ministry and service, but not in a particular form. The motto of the Order of Premontre is: "Prepared for All Good Works."
  • Conversio
Conversion Within the context of our life together and an ongoing conversion of our ways aligning our lives with Christ we vow: ~to live simple, uncluttered lives in solidarity with the poor and needy (poverty)
~to be readily and lovingly available to all we serve (consecrated celibacy)
~to mutually discern the will of God (obedience)
  • Stabilitas
A life of stability amidst a hectic world. Our vows are taken to be lived out in a particular Church, a particular community of faith. Thus we live a life of stability of dedicated service and prayer within our own community and the regional community and diocese in which we reside. We live, pray and minister with the same group of men for life collectively responding to the needs of the local Church as our talents allow.
  • Vita Apostolica
The Apostolic Life:
Holding all things in common. As religious living by the Rule of St. Augustine we hold no personal belongings. Rather, what each man has is of the community and at the disposal of the community. We believe that the resources and gifts within the community are not ours but are gifts from God which we collectively steward to their best ends and for the betterment of the Church and human family. It is for this reason that we share our property, Church, chapels, library, hermitages, prayer life, intellects and talents with all.

Norbertine Life is characterized by a daily and life-long balance and tension between shared fraternal community, contemplation and compassionate service.


Norbertine Life is lived in a context of continual conversion, a stability of place and community, and a communal sharing of all God's gifts.